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The K. Danae Way

More than hair care

It is my goal to make sure that every client enters a peaceful, pleasant and professional environment. I've been a professional Hairstylist for over 15 years, and I enjoy what I do. Seeing the smiles of satisfied clients is one of the highlights of my day. Your hair is just one of the things that you can expect to grow during our client/stylist relationship. I value you and desire for you to be healthy inside and out. I believe that it is important to listen to you and your hair care needs so that we are able to customize your hair care/ hair growth journey. Trusting me with your hair is an honor, and I appreciate each and every one of you. You are safe here. Once you sit in my chair, anything that adds any level of stress  is put on pause. And in some cases, null and void after a few words of encouragement. This is your time to relax! The shampoo experience, scalp massage and other pampering services will be unforgettable. I'm so proud of you for making it this far, and the best is yet to come. God Bless you!


Loc Maintenance

 I offer neat, comfortable and GENTLE (preserve the edges) Loc maintenance for all lengths and hair types. I also enjoy creating fun, unique, classic and creative style options. Loc Repair and loc extension along with other services are also available. 


Locs and Braids

I represent  K. Danae Hair Care Plus, and I enjoy using my skills to change your look. I have years of experience as a professional Hairstylist/ Loctician, specifically, many years of practice offering Loc maintenance services. I will look after you to make sure you feel and look great when you leave. For more information about all braid or loc maintenance services, Contact us and follow us on all social media platforms. Don't forget to subscribe.

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 "It's a blessing to do what God called me to do... Helping people by enhancing their beauty. My hands help style the outside, but the environment of healing and love  will encourage a change on the inside as well... Set High Standards"

-Katrina Danae

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905 US Hwy 1, Suite H
Lake Park, FL, 33403


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